Chivalry and Courtesy

chivalry png

Common Courtesy is being polite and civil; or in the case of a
Crown-bearer passing and giving acknowledgement, showing respect.
One can do these, and be not chivalrous.

Chivalry shows defense of the weak;
aid and generosity to those who have little; loyalty and fealty to those
whom one has oaths unto; keeping one’s given word; Honoring one’s
sovereign, one’s lady, one’s liege, and one’s Kingdom, especially when
abroad in another realm; Knowing when to yield, and when to persevere.
Chivalry can be learned, and ingrained. It cannot be assumed like common
courtesy at a moment’s notice–it must never be a cote one dons and
later removes at the end of a week, or weekend. It must become part of
your being, as comfortable as a pair of well-worn shoes you scarcely
realize you still have on.
~  Baron Liam Devlin  ~