THL Tin-Kárr rauðnálskeggi O.C.R., O.O.C., O.M.C., C.F.F, O.S.R.

called Tynk Chainbeard 

The Seneschal manages the administration of the Society’s historical recreation, and makes interpretations of and clarifications to the policies governing historical recreation aspects of the Society.

~Deputy Seneschal~

THL Broinninn inghean Aindriasa O.O.C., O.J.R., O.C.R.




THL Elizabeth Thielman O.S.R., O.C., O.O.C.

The Exchequer/Reeve is in charge of all financial activities and accounts for the Shire.

~Deputy Exchequer~





Baron Fergus O’Kelly CAS, CMC, O.C.R.

The Herald is responsible for assisting the Shire populace in the submission of names and armory. The Herald is to encourage the study and development of heraldry in the Shire.

~Deputy Herald~ 




~Minister Arts & Science~ 

 Lord David Flecher AoA 

The Minister of Arts and Sciences is responsible for fostering the study of period culture and technology, and methods for producing historically accurate artifacts and performances.

~Deputy Minister Arts & Science~ 

Lady Svytava Iz Lesov AoA



~Knights Marshal~

Sir Christof D’Wynter called the Wolf O.J.R., O.O.C.. O.C.R.

The Knights Marshal is the officer responsible for activities related to armored combat within the Shire.



~Rapier Marshall~

Lillian the Gipsy

The rapier marshal is responsible for all rapier combat at an official Shire events.




Mistress Ariadne de Ravenna

The Sheriff assists with security and troll processes and procedures.


~Shire Quartermaster~

Baron Sir Drogo of Axbridge

O.C.R., C.A.S., M.L.U., O.O.C., C.B.M., C.A.C.M., O.J.H., C.S.B.

The Quartermaster cares for and distributes, upon request, group supplies.


Chronicler     Historian

~Chronicler & Historian~


The Chronicler over sees publishing in the Shire.

The Historian collects and compiles materials relating to the history of the shire.



~Castellan / Chatelaine~ 

THL Broinninn inghean Aindriasa O.O.C., O.J.R., O.C.R., O.S.R.

The Chatelaine is the local officer in charge of greeting and helping new and prospective members integrate themselves into the SCA. The Chatelaine ensures that the newcomer has access to all pertinent information and forms within the SCA, such as membership forms, officer lists, meeting schedules, newsletter subscription forms, and any pamphlets or brochures designed specifically for newcomers.
This office is known by various titles throughout the SCA; you’ll also hear it called “Hospitaller”, “Chamberlain”, or “Castellan”.

~Deputy Chatelaine~



Minister of Children

~Minister of Children~

The Minister of Children oversees the affairs of our youngest members.


Web Minister


THL Lia Sherwood GoA

The Webminister is the person responsible for the website for the Shire.

~Deputy Webminister~

Sue Moss